Potatoes: Trials in North France finished, yield improvement from

44 ton/Ha to 52 ton/Ha. More even and better size tubers.

Potatoes: Reduction and stopping of phythopthora,

bacteriosis and rhizochtonia in central Colombia.

Alubia Asturiana: Increase in yield and prevention of red

spider attacks.

Carrots: North of Italy, increases from 35 ton/Ha to 40 ton/Ha.

Better health and colour crop.

Ornamentals and Flowers: Spain, decrease in harvesting time (20 %) and

longer stems. Results on Camellia, Hydrangea and various other ornamentals.

  • Grasses & Cereals

    By doing early life cycle applications, crops such as wheat, sugar cane, maize, rice and others have shown yield improvements up to 40 %.

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  • Oils & Other

    Extensive work has been carried out on palm oil, oilseed rape, sunflower, greenhouse crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers, ornamentals and turfs, all showing plant biostimulation

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  • Fruit

    Tomato plants have shown yield increases up to 30 %. Kiwi, cherries, strawberries and others have shown yield increases and quality of the fruit.

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  • Vegetables

    Biostimulation of potatoes has shown increases up to 50 % in yield. Leafy vegetables display a noticeable increase in their leaf surface area.

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“ We developed here at The University of Cambridge the molecule ActiveChitosan; with the view of sustainability and green farming. We are very proud that KaitoSol® has excelled in field trials and that our customers have found it beneficial for their crops. ”

Dr. Krzysztof Koziol

Royal Society Research Fellow
The University of Cambridge
Co-inventor of KaitoSol®

Why KaitoSol®?

  • 100 % natural
  • Allows better plant growth
  • Stronger plants
  • Nurturing layer
  • Highly active molecule
  • Plant & shrimp Based
  • Seen yield increases up to 50%
  • Developed at The University of Cambridge